LBFE-SF in Solidarity

Following the dark times of World War II, Little Brothers – Friends of the Elderly (LBFE) brought friendship and support to people in France. Today, LBFE San Francisco stands in solidarity with all those protesting to change 400 years of oppression and uphold basic human and civil rights of Black Americans. We believe that everyone deserves dignity and respect. We stand against institutional, systematic racism that is felt everyday by people of color. We hope to do better. We will continue to listen and learn. #blm #blacklivesmatter #justiceforall

In recent times, our Asian American community is facing all too familiar acts of discrimination and retaliation, including violence. LBFE stands in solidarity with Asian Americans in our community, as it is important that the most vulnerable be protected against hatred. LBFE is dedicated to the continual process of reflection, growth, and action in our commitment to anti-racism within our organization, programs, and beyond. To learn more check out Asian Americans Advancing