The Federal Care Act has been rolled out in the last few weeks and there are new benefits for donors:  

One-time above the line deduction for cash contributions of up to $300 for qualifying charities

All taxpayers are eligible to take the deduction, even those who use standard deduction

Applies to contributions made in 2020 and would be claimed on tax forms next year

Does NOT apply to non-cash gifts

For individual donors who itemize deductions (8% of taxpayers): the bill suspends for 2020 the normal limit on deductions (typically 60% of AGI, now up to 100% of AGI).

Additionally, if your company will match your giving during these times, please consider making a gift. The Federal Care Act is now providing higher corporate deductibility on donations! 

Below are employee links where you can start the match process with your respective employer:

Google:      Google Employee Link 

Salesforce:  Salesforce Employee Link

Genetech:   Genentech Employee Link

Oracle:       Oracle Employee Link

LinkedIn:   LinkedIn Employee Link

Adobe:      Adobe Employee Link