In Person & Remote Programs

2024 programs: 

Matched Home Visiting Volunteers: In-person visits 2x/month with a volunteer to foster lasting friendships.

Virtual Visiting Volunteers: Phone or video calls 2x/week for friendly support.

Monthly In-Home/Holiday Visits: Monthly Saturday visits and holiday visits.

Tech Allies: 8-12 sessions to teach digital skills through in-person 

Stroll Buddies: Weekly 15-30 minute walks for 8 weeks with a volunteer.

Creativity Connects a 10-week intergenerational program where a pair of volunteers meet with an older adult to work on a creative project.

Birthday Visits: In-person or remote celebrations with a volunteer on the older adult’s birthday.

RIDE: LBFE staff arrange UberHealth rides for older adults’ medical appointments.

Medical Escort Program: Volunteers accompany older adults to medical appointments, providing transportation when possible, including ride-share services like Uber.