Little Brothers - Friends of the Elderly - San Francisco
San Francisco Bay Area

Visiting Volunteer

The heart of our mission is to match volunteers with elder friends.  This is a great opportunity to nurture a lasting and deep friendship through regular visits to an elder.  We ask that you commit to two visits per month for at least one year.

Home Visits

We organize monthly visits to elders throughout the year.  These are one-time volunteering events providing an opportunity to visit an elder in their home, bring a rose, a gift bag and your friendship.  Set-Up Volunteers also work together to organize and facilitate the event.

Social Functions

Our organized luncheons provide elders opportunities to socialize, enjoy a hearty meal, play bingo and sing.  Volunteer to drive an elder to and from their home and enjoy the party with them.  Set-Up Volunteers help decorate, serve food, socialize with the elders, and clean up.

Birthday Visits

Come celebrate an elder’s birthday with them at their home! Volunteers spend about an hour visiting and are encouraged to bring a card, flowers, or cupcakes and a positive spirit!  A list of elder’s birthday’s is posted on our website a week prior to the coming month.

Special Excursions

Volunteer to drive an elder to and from their home and accompany them to a variety of activities around San Francisco such as: a picnic in the park, a museum visit, a movie or a cultural excursion.

Medical Escorts

Our elders need help getting to and from doctors’ appointments and obtaining medicine from the pharmacy.  Nearly every day volunteer drivers are  providing much needed transportation for these occasions. We are always looking for more volunteer drivers so we can expand services to new elders (as we currently only offer the program to currently served elderly).

Check in and Wellness Calls

Lend a sympathetic ear and offer a friendly voice by calling elders regularly. These calls offer an opportunity for a heart-to-heart discussion and to reassure our elders that they are not forgotten.

Office Volunteers

Do you have daytime availability during the week?  Speak additional languages?  Come help out in our office calling elders, both English and non-native English speakers, to register them for our programs and events.


We offer internships in a variety of areas including: Inter-generational Visiting, Programs and Operations, Elder Assessments, and Development.  Please contact us directly for more information regarding any of these opportunities.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, click Home and search under Upcoming Events to sign up now! If you are interested in volunteering as part of a group or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our office.