Visiting Volunteer

Being a Visiting Volunteer


Visiting volunteers visit their elders at a minimum of twice a month for at least a year. Volunteers and elders are matched based on common interests and location so that a relationship can independently and organically be formed over time.

Volunteer and elder matches traditionally become friendships over time where elders consider volunteers their friends and vice versa.


Volunteers interested in the Visiting Volunteer program undergo an orientation in addition to a background check, a Confidentiality policy and a Gifts & Bequests Policy that ensures that volunteers and elders do not exchange money in any form.

This program, like all others with LBFE, are offered free of charge to volunteers and elders. Volunteers are required to be 18 years of age or older or accompanied by an adult.

A Little Extra

While at a minimum, volunteers are expected to visit, some do offer a bit more and are encouraged if there is the ability and interest. Whether it be getting an elder out of the house or assisting in picking up groceries or other small things, some volunteers supplement family and friend support where they can.

Volunteer also serve as an advocate for their elder, reporting to LBFE where there may be cause for concern whether it be with the elder or their surroundings. 

Home Visits

The minimum requirement for a Visiting Volunteer is to visit an elder in their home for hour long visits twice a month.


For elders who are able and willing, volunteers might get elders out of their homes - go to the park, for a walk or to the movies!

Reading Assistance

For elders who have visual impairments, reading assistance with books, mail or other literature can be offered.


Where available, volunteers are welcome to assist elders by helping them get around or to transport them to outings.


For interested elders, volunteers are welcome to assist with tech assistance. Show your elder how to work a smartphone or tablet! 

Minor Errands

Assist an elder in tidying up, picking up groceries, or other minor errands with which your elder may need assistance.